We have cheese for sale!


A creamy, 3 month aged cheese with a mild flavor.  It is great for your cheese plates, as a snack, or on a sandwich!

$12 per pound, cut into roughly 1/2lb wedges


A mild, 3 month aged white cheese.  It is great in a grilled cheese, for cooking, cheese plates, or a snack!

$11 per pound, cut into roughly 1/2lb blocks

Queso Fresco

Our Spanish-style queso fresco is a mild melting cheese that is often used in Mexican dishes.  It is also great on grilled cheese sandwhiches, quesadillas, in chilli, and shredded in various soups.  

$5 for 1/2lb


Our curds come from our cheddar cheese, just before you put it into the cheese molds to press and make into blocks.  Instead, we package the fresh curds up, either flavored or plain, for you to eat on the go, or used in grilled cheese, scrambled eggs, chili, soups, salads, and many other options.  

Plain, Garlic, Bacon, Jalapeno, Horseradish, and Smoked Turkey/Cranberry 

$4 for 6oz bags

Christmas Boxes!

We have 3 options:

Quarter Pounders - $20

     - includes 1/4 pound blocks of Gouda, Cheddar, and our Award Winning Queso Fresco

Half Pounders - $30

     - includes 1/2 pound blocks of Gouda, Cheddar, and our Award Winning Queso Fresco

Fresh Cheeses - $25

     - includes a 1/2 block of our Award Winning Queso Fresco and 3 bags of our 6oz Cheese Curds in your choice of flavors

If you would like some shipped to you, please email Jackie.

She will get back to you with how to get your cheese and shipping costs.

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